New Kensington Brand Identity

Why is a city’s identity important?

A city’s identity can help reinforce or change one’s perception by visualizing the ideas behind what makes a city unique. A great logo can provide meaning, communicate ideas, and spark economic growth. With a new identity, we can reframe ourselves as a modern hub for innovation and potential, and build recognition for New Kensington across Pennsylvania and beyond.


New Kensington: A Hub for Innovation

New Kensington has a long history of innovation dating back to the birth of the aluminum industry. As the city moves into the future, we plan to harness that spirit of innovation. Taking this into consideration, we designed two new identity systems that celebrate New Kensington and its forward-thinking approach. Both of these concepts can reestablish our city as more vibrant and stronger than ever before, while instilling a sense of pride in our residents. The logos were designed to become the icon for New Kensington, a symbol for the modern, diverse, and exciting city it is and will continue to be. We invite you to take a look and vote for the logo you’d like to see represent our city!



Simplifying New Kensington into three symbols, we infuse a modern and forward-thinking feel to the city’s identity.



By using color strategically in the negative space of the K, the arrow acts as a spotlight shining on New Kensington.




We’d love to hear your thoughts on which logo should be the symbol of New Kensington! Please fill out the form below to choose your favorite and we’ll notify you of the final selection. 

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